Vendor of the Year

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions of a supporting vendor to the Residential Property Management Industry as a whole. 


Entrant must be an established vendor focusing their services on the property management industry.


Entrant must have been existence for at least 2 years prior to the conference date.


Entrant must be in attendance at PMMCON to be eligible.

To enter this Award, entrants will be required to submit a written application addressing the areas set out below.


Service to Residential Property Management Companies

Provide examples of how your company has provided a positive influence on the property management industry by delivering an outstanding product or service to your customers.  (maximum 250 words).

Provide two references for customers that are currently using your products or services in the Property Management Industry.

Provide one reference for a customer who stopped using your product or service.

Tips for Submissions


Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your submission be an employee of a property management company.


Supply the information as succinctly as possible.


Be realistic about your achievements – avoid exaggeration.


Demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail – this includes spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Ask a person you respect to read through your submission.

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