Small Property Management Company of the Year (up to 500 units)

2021 Small Property Management Company of the Year: Paramount Property Management Inc. receiving award.

Small Property Management Company of the Year 2021

Paramount Property Management Inc.

2020 Small Property Management Company of the Year: Accolade Properties receiving award.


Accolade Properties

A property management company that has achieved outstanding commercial success and organic growth will be honored with this Award.

Submissions should demonstrate initiative and a willingness to undertake bold new ventures. They should also include evidence of sustainable growth and commercial success to levels that are outstanding for the size of the entrant’s operations.


Entrant must be able to demonstrate to be currently managing up to 500 residential units during the calendar year of 2019 with a software print out showing total number of units managed at FY 2019 Year End.


Entrant must have been operating a residential property management business for more than 2 years.


Entrant must be in attendance at PMMCON to be eligible.

To enter this Award, entrants will be required to submit a written application addressing the areas set out below.


Agency Achievements

Outline your agency’s key achievements in residential property management over the past 12 months (maximum 250 words).


Business Plan

State the main priorities in your current business plan and explain the reason for choosing these priorities (maximum 200 words).


Company & Unit Growth

Provide specific details of the organic growth in your rent roll over the past 12 months (i.e. a report showing the number of properties managed 12 months ago and the number managed today). Describe how your company was able to achieve this result (maximum 250 words).


Service to Landlord Clients

Provide 2 examples of how your agency has displayed outstanding service to landlord clients over the past 12 months. Describe how your agency achieves a point of difference when delivering excellent service to landlord clients (maximum 250 words).


Professional Development

Describe the key activities your agency undertook over the past 12 months to develop your staff to their maximum potential (maximum 200 words).

Describe your agency’s goals for developing your staff over the next 12 months (maximum 200 words).

Tips for Submissions


Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your submission be an employee of a property management company.


Supply the information as succinctly as possible.


Be realistic about your achievements – avoid exaggeration.


Demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail – this includes spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Ask a person you respect to read through your submission.

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