Andrew Reece

Andrew Reece

Andrew Reece

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Reece is an Aussie with more 20 years’ experience in operating his own businesses, particularly in the property management and software industries.

In 1998, he co-founded, a 100% pure property management company which grew from 30 properties under management to more than 1,700 in just 10 years, and employed more than 33 team members.

After selling, Andrew joined forces with his brother-in-law Mike van Raders and co-founded (IRE).

IRE is a Queensland based software company that is passionate about creating quality, customised solutions for clients, property seekers and property owners that make life better and easier.

Since 2011, IRE has grown from two team members to more than 100 and has assisted more than 50 million property enquiries on behalf of 2,500 real estate/property management businesses in every Australian State, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Andrew’s career has included numerous presentations at property industry events, where his honesty and openness deliver pragmatic insights into the challenges faced by businesses.

Andrew will reveal secrets that all bosses will want to hear: how to develop a highly motivated team that wishes to grow your business in line with your goals.

Andrew’s innovative systems, processes and procedures were ground-breaking when they were developed and are still effective to this day.

At the end of his presentation, he will also provide a range of practical, take-home tips that business owners and senior managers can implement to make it easier to grow their businesses.

Andrew is a Certified Practising Accountant and has a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting from Queensland University of Technology.

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